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At Rijo Athletics Baseball, we have years of experience getting players seen and recruited by both college and pro scouts. Since 2000, we have placed over 90% of our student athletes in college. Our app is specific to the user, and only shows you drills and information which you need in order to improve your game.

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The only easy to use and mobile scouting network. Update your profile on the go, chat with those online, and get in touch with real scouts!

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With a variety of questions to answer in our Trivia IQ section you may compete with players all around the world. The game will challenge you to think quickly just as you would in a real game.


Sign up for one of our membership levels in the App and gain access to exclusive content. We offer training tips, personal video analysis, college placement and more!

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Jose Rijo-Berger
Jose Rijo-Berger

Jose Rijo-Berger


José is the president of Rijo Athletics and a current scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. He pursued his dreams in 1999 to start a baseball and softball training facility, which has grown today to over 6000 students yearly and over 50 players drafted professionally. Rijo Athletics has continued to be the best training facility in the Northwest with the many talented and experienced staff members and has a reputation for having a positive influence in the community for youth - not just in sport skills but life skills as well. Based on Jose’s years of experience with thousands of families, he has written a book that has become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon to show you the true value of sports in the lives of children and has provided specific steps you can take to enrich your relationship with your son or daughter..
Troy Silva
Troy Silva

Troy Silva

Director of Player Development

Troy has been a coach at Rijo Athletics since 2003, after retiring from Proball. He is author of Amazon & iTunes best selling book for coaching baseball, "9 Innings of Hitting." Coaching is his passion and being a positive influence in the lives of those he works with is his main purpose.

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